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Love to the World


“Now these three remain, Faith, Hope and Love but the greatest of these is Love.”
1 Corinthian 13: 13

Love, truly the greatest emotion and power source in the world but hardly used except for some friends and family. Can you imagine if we were to love our enemies?
I have read stories of people who have done this by loving the person who has committed serious crimes against them and the result was just mind blowing. Here we are talking of forgiveness and expressing kindness to someone who has done you wrong
It is said that harbouring unforgiveness actually caused diseases. This emotion affects the very organs of our body.
So I am looking at our world today where there is so much hate and unforgiveness. It is not a healthy place. I am not even talking about love for the planet itself where, instead of just exploiting it for resources, giving it some love would lead to us taking better care of it. I am.talking about love for the people of the World inspite of differences. Love would mean we try to understand each other’s point of view even if we don’t agree. Love would mean we listen to each other.
The more I think of it yes, Jesus was the greatest example of love this world has ever seen.
The way I see it, it is not easy but is absolutely necessary if things are to change.

” I will greet this day with Love in my heart”
Og Mandino ( The Greatest Secret in the World)

What do you think? Please share your thoughts.


Road to success – Fighting hard to refocus.

I have been watching a lot of cricket lately. Recently when one of the bowler delivered a “bad” ball and got hit for four, the commentator said that the bowler was losing his form just before he released the ball and he played the slow motion of the delivery to illustrate his point. He commented that the bowler’s head was leaning too much to the side and that affected his delivery. Now all this got me thinking about my own process. I have been thinking that I have been losing focus, or should I say form, recently and I am going off track with the goals that I have set.  We are well into the second 90 day period of the year and its so easy to veer off course especially as the time gets busy. Well its spring time the rains have begun to fall and its time to take  out some weeds and nurture the seeds that I have been planting.
One month into the second 90 day period of 2014, it is time to refocus. Should have done it before, but better late than never. I guess this is the time we get derailed from our goals if we are not careful.
So I have gone back to the dream board, which needs updating and refining. I have the  the goals for this 90 days in focus. Its do easy to get caught up with doing that you forget to feed the soul in order to sustain the successs. I am definitely losing my form in the regard and must make  time to  “sharpen the saw”
How do you stay focussed,

Road to Success….. Let go and Let God

I welcome the New Year and I say, let go and let God. What better way to start the New Year! I chose this word “trust” out of my little pan of words some weeks ago and just froze up. I knew what to write for sure but the question was, did I really believe it? Was I acting on it? So, I have been soul searching rather than writing. Truth is I have been working very hard and many times doubting the outcome or holding back because I was not sure.
Immediately I took out the word “trust”, I reached for a book I had read by Bob Proctor “ titled “You were Born Rich.” I went for the Chapter titled, Let go and let God. It’s interesting that, he said reread the chapter 100 times if you need to, it was that important.
It certainly helped me to refocus on what it meant to have faith in God and to the fact that doubt, fear and negative thought only serve to keep you back from reaching your goal. I guess in the process of working through where I really stood on this in a practical way, something must have happened. I stopped stressing and doubting and relaxed and really tried to be more in touch with what the spirit was guiding me to do, in other words, to let Go and let God. Amazing things happened in my business that I could not have predicted. Calls that I did not expect, free radio promotions and sales literally out of the blue. All I had to do was be ready to take advantage of it and I was.
So, I am starting the New Year with this in mind. When all the goal setting and planning is done it will be time to relax, not worry about how am I going to do all this or to doubt the outcome even before I start. Instead, I will move forward with firm faith that no matter what it looks like, in God I can let go because, as we also like to say, “ God is in Charge.”

“I know the plan I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Please drop below and share how you keep yourself grounded in faith

Keep going, you are on the right Track…. Discipline will do it

So far, so good, still on track with my weekly blogging. Sitting in front of the computer, not sure of what to write as I have just erased everything but the topic of one the articles from my mini blog marathon, which I did to keep me on track so I would not run out of ideas. Looking around I see the white container in which I had placed pieces of paper with words such as love, forgiveness, patience, change, persistence, wisdom, surrender, prayer, trust. My nutrition club members were encouraged to take one of these bits of paper each day and read a passage on the subject. So today I take out one of these folded paper and it says: DICIPLINE. So I have added it to the title.
Looking up a passage on this subject from the book Faith in the Valley by Iyanla Vanzant She says spirit is self correcting. It will make the best of what you do more of. If you do things that cause you pain, eat drink too much or spent wildly without a budget, eventually you will become miserable enough to do something about it. On the other side you pray more, you get better at it and the faster your answers will come. You meditate more you become calmer and still your mind. She ended by saying “ The self –correcting spirit in you will make the best of what you do more of- more destruction, greater pain: more construction greater peace, pleasure and plenty”
So I am sticking to the blogging plan. In the container there are many more word to chose from and blog about. I could not have chosen a better one for today. With discipline it will only get better and easier.

I would love to get your comments on how you stay on track with your blog or whatever you do. Please leave a comment below.

Let it Become A Lifestyle

It’s a given, to control or overcome diseases like diabetes or hypertension and to manage your weight and avoid obesity challenges you need to have the right lifestyle.  You have to have a the right diet and exercise regularly, at least three times per week for thirty minutes the experts now say.  You must remember to drink water, yes water, that simple, six to eight glasses per day. Add some key nutritional supplements and you are well on your way. I have been working at making these lifestyle changes with very good health results. So I am thinking I should be able to make some change in other areas of my life by applying some of the principles I used to make those changes in health. With that in mind, I have been reviewing the steps I took.  So how did I do it?

a) Clear definitive and measurable goals, e. g. a target blood pressure reading, a target weight.

b) A clear plan of how I would make the change, a daily method of operation. e .g. a glass of water first thing in the morning.

c)  Make small manageable changes and add on new things as I became accustomed to those changes. That way I was never overwhelmed and could celebrate the small successes along the way.

d) Use positive affirmations of the health goals in spite of how I felt and said prayers of thanks giving for the results I expected to have even before I had them.

d)  Hold a positive vision of how I would feel when my health improved.

e) Have a time to review what you have done celebrate the successes and fix what needed  fixing.

f) Forgive myself if I have fallen off and start again. Giving up was never an option.

So this then is my road map for achieving other lifestyle changes. All that’s left, is to put it into action.  Yes, I can do this again in other areas of my life.

Please leave a comment on how you have made lifestyle changes. 

Road to Success – Goals revisited

There is no greater inspiration and model for success than that shown by the athletes of the Olympics and London 2012.  It spoke to the power of dreams and no one said it better than the oldest living Olympian, 98 year old Sandor Tarics who participated in the 1936 Berlin games. The Olympics has taught him that in life you must always have a dream, a direction you want to go. Without it you are like a ship without a rudder. He said if you don’t succeed, change the dream, (modify it) don’t let circumstances beat you, don’t give up.

Indeed many dreams did come true at the London 2012 Olympics. Usain Bolt had a dream to become a legend. We may argue about whether or not he is a legend, but he had some specific goals and he did achieve them. He became double gold medal winner in the 100 and 200 meter sprint events.

The Olympics gaves up a good opportunity to look at how we set goals the SMART way. Goals that are SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT AND TIME SENSITIVE

Going back to Usain”s goals;

They were:

 Specific – to win double goal medals

Measurable- he definitely took note when he lost to Yohan Blake and made the adjustments to get back on track

Attainable– It was definitely within his reach. He did not set goals for new world records just to win again.( He already has the record).

Relevant– Most definitely. He needed that to be at the top of his athletic career.

Time sensitive – Yes London Olympics 2012

Then as if to confirm  what I have observed, comes Shelly Ann Fraser- Price stating that she has achieve 3 0f her 5 goals for 2012:

1. Defending her Olympic Gold in 100m

2. Become  Diamond League Champion in 100m.

3. Be the fastest woman in the world (10.70sec)

Once again SMART goals st work.

At the end of the games came the call to the youth of the world to prepare to assemble again in 2016 in Rio. As the youth of the world begin to dream of Olympic glory and set new SMART goals, let us revisit our dreams, make adjustments if we need to, set some SMART goals for our selves.


Surrender? Really! What does that mean? Am I to forget about my dreams, goals and plans and just do nothing?

I have been mulling over what it means to surrender for some time now. I have this container with about fourteen (14) words that I chose from a book written by Iyanla Vanzant –“ Faith in the Valley.” I have words such as love, Joy, peace, persistence, patience, forgiveness, discipline, change, wisdom, trust, prayer to name some. Each morning I would pick out one of these words and focus on it for the day.

I remember a period when every day, no matter how much I shuck up the container I would pick out the word, “ surrender”.  Wow! Have I not surrendered enough already? What more. Well it has been awhile since I dipped into the container but I did so this week and guess what “ surrender, ”again.

This time I do believe I am a little clearer on what’s required of me here because I am focused this year on non-resistance.  It’s non- resistance or surrender to the burning desires of my heart and to God’s pure intention to guide me to fulfilling these desires. It is being obedient to the insights and guidance I receive and to ACT now. It means I should not get caught up into trying so hard to figure out the how and the details, but in prayer and in stillness just have the faith and trust that I am being guided and I will be shown how. It means, I should not get too attached to the outcome and beat upon myself if it is not how I think it should be. If it’s not the outcome I expected, not to dwell on it, but learn from it and let it go. At the end of the day find the things to give gratitude for and move on.

So for now, it’s about starting the day with prayer and stillness and seeking guidance for the day. At the end, review the day and learn from it, then give thanks and in prayer and stillness, release it.

I would definitely love to hear from you on this one. Please leave a comment below. If you find it interesting please share it with your friend. Also please leave your email address to get my newsletter.

Peace and Love