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Love to the World


“Now these three remain, Faith, Hope and Love but the greatest of these is Love.”
1 Corinthian 13: 13

Love, truly the greatest emotion and power source in the world but hardly used except for some friends and family. Can you imagine if we were to love our enemies?
I have read stories of people who have done this by loving the person who has committed serious crimes against them and the result was just mind blowing. Here we are talking of forgiveness and expressing kindness to someone who has done you wrong
It is said that harbouring unforgiveness actually caused diseases. This emotion affects the very organs of our body.
So I am looking at our world today where there is so much hate and unforgiveness. It is not a healthy place. I am not even talking about love for the planet itself where, instead of just exploiting it for resources, giving it some love would lead to us taking better care of it. I am.talking about love for the people of the World inspite of differences. Love would mean we try to understand each other’s point of view even if we don’t agree. Love would mean we listen to each other.
The more I think of it yes, Jesus was the greatest example of love this world has ever seen.
The way I see it, it is not easy but is absolutely necessary if things are to change.

” I will greet this day with Love in my heart”
Og Mandino ( The Greatest Secret in the World)

What do you think? Please share your thoughts.


Going for Gold – Three Things to Takeaway from the Olympics


As I watched the Olympics, there was so much reinforcement of what it takes to win. Three things stood out for me as I watched my country men and women win medal after medal. These are young people from ordinary background who have honed their talents and come out to represent themselves and their country on the world stage.

The first thing of note was that they had specific goals. Usain Bolt stood out here. He wanted to become a legend. As he defined it, he needed to win three gold medals in Rio2016 for the events he had already won in two prior Olympics. The “Triple Triple” he called it, never been done before for these events. Big goal, measurable and time specific. Announcement to the world. Totally committed. He had something to reach for, something to keep him focused for 4 years

The other thing I noticed was that athletes all had setbacks at some time, some worked through pain and overcame obstacles but they never lost focus. The goal of being at the Olympics and performing to the best of their ability kept them going.

The third thing of note was the team work. Athletes were competing but they were also working together and being there for each other. Bolt could not have met his goal completely without the other members of the relay team also performing well. In an interview with members of the team before the relay they all said they had to do their best so that Bolt could get his “Triple Triple”. I was really impressed by that. As a network marketer where team is so important, that’s the kind of commitment to the team and individual goal that is required to win

The saying goes that when the tide comes in, all boats rise. Everybody can benefit from this rising tide right now. Take away something from this Olympic experience to move you forward in your life journey.

Share with me what you have  learnt or reinforced from this Olympics.

Road to success – Fighting hard to refocus.

I have been watching a lot of cricket lately. Recently when one of the bowler delivered a “bad” ball and got hit for four, the commentator said that the bowler was losing his form just before he released the ball and he played the slow motion of the delivery to illustrate his point. He commented that the bowler’s head was leaning too much to the side and that affected his delivery. Now all this got me thinking about my own process. I have been thinking that I have been losing focus, or should I say form, recently and I am going off track with the goals that I have set.  We are well into the second 90 day period of the year and its so easy to veer off course especially as the time gets busy. Well its spring time the rains have begun to fall and its time to take  out some weeds and nurture the seeds that I have been planting.
One month into the second 90 day period of 2014, it is time to refocus. Should have done it before, but better late than never. I guess this is the time we get derailed from our goals if we are not careful.
So I have gone back to the dream board, which needs updating and refining. I have the  the goals for this 90 days in focus. Its do easy to get caught up with doing that you forget to feed the soul in order to sustain the successs. I am definitely losing my form in the regard and must make  time to  “sharpen the saw”
How do you stay focussed,

Road to Success….. Let go and Let God

I welcome the New Year and I say, let go and let God. What better way to start the New Year! I chose this word “trust” out of my little pan of words some weeks ago and just froze up. I knew what to write for sure but the question was, did I really believe it? Was I acting on it? So, I have been soul searching rather than writing. Truth is I have been working very hard and many times doubting the outcome or holding back because I was not sure.
Immediately I took out the word “trust”, I reached for a book I had read by Bob Proctor “ titled “You were Born Rich.” I went for the Chapter titled, Let go and let God. It’s interesting that, he said reread the chapter 100 times if you need to, it was that important.
It certainly helped me to refocus on what it meant to have faith in God and to the fact that doubt, fear and negative thought only serve to keep you back from reaching your goal. I guess in the process of working through where I really stood on this in a practical way, something must have happened. I stopped stressing and doubting and relaxed and really tried to be more in touch with what the spirit was guiding me to do, in other words, to let Go and let God. Amazing things happened in my business that I could not have predicted. Calls that I did not expect, free radio promotions and sales literally out of the blue. All I had to do was be ready to take advantage of it and I was.
So, I am starting the New Year with this in mind. When all the goal setting and planning is done it will be time to relax, not worry about how am I going to do all this or to doubt the outcome even before I start. Instead, I will move forward with firm faith that no matter what it looks like, in God I can let go because, as we also like to say, “ God is in Charge.”

“I know the plan I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Please drop below and share how you keep yourself grounded in faith

Road to Success……You have to Change

Even when you decide and accept that it is necessary to change, you still have to deal with how to change and where to start.

Zig  Ziglar in his book of quotes says:  “You are what you are  and where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind”

It takes time to change and cut a new path and you find yourself slipping back into the old way without realizing how you got there. It takes time to form new habits and make the change permanent. I guess that is a good thing because it allows you to tweek it along the way before you get set in your new ways.  

The pain of the old way sometimes help you to get back in line, while the positives that the new way has brought is motivation to stick with it.

Sometimes change requires us to overdrive some negatives that are deeply embedded in our subconscious and that sabotage us every time we try to go forward. As a believer in God that is where prayers and positive affirmation and faith comes in, to get us pass these hurdles which we must overcome.

A good tool to use also is visualization. Run a mental movie of yourself doing the activity and make it as detailed as you can. You would be surprised at how you can mentally overcome hurdles and fine tune the changes even before you take action.  

Change often requires us to do the uncomfortable for awhile. The uncertain outcome makes us fearful and anxious until it we become comfortable with the new situation.

My mentor, the Late Jim Rohn, philosopher, says: “For things to change you have to change”

Change, it is not easy but it is necessary for us to grow and achieve our goals..

Please share your comments below

Peace and Love


Road to Success….. Still on it !

I wandered off a little last week and failed to do my bloging as planned. It was for a good reason,  but as my friend and mentor always remind me “all excuses are equal, as they all keep you from doing what it is you should be doing.” So to keep my commitment to myself this week, I acted immediately well ahead of time and I chosen a word from my little pan and what do you know, the word is: ”persistence”! No way around it. I did write about persistence in the past as it is the key to any goal ones wishes to achieve.

I share a few things I have learned along the way as I struggle to be persistent and overcome procrastination and self doubt.

1)      It gets easier each time you do it and becomes more natural.

2)      It becomes less of a task and more fun

3)      You get rewarded for taking action emotionally and physically. Let me say thanks to all the new followers and for the likes. In time I look forward to more comments also.

I end with a few quotes from Brian Tracy:

“Resolve in advance to persist until you succeed, no matter what the difficulty”

“Your most valuable asset can be your willingness to persist longer than anyone else”

“Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will succeed”

These are great words of encouragement.  Please share you thought below

Road to Personal Success… Check out Your Habits

So I am on the road to success again and it requires some new habits. I picked up my container with the words of inspiration to get me started with this blog today and the word I pulled out was STILLNESS. Now I really want to talk about habits because that is a key for my success right now. I was listening to Joyce Meyers on the subject of habits recently and two things stood out for me. First she says don’t focus so much on getting rid of a bad habit but more so on developing the good habit. The second thing was that it was very important to develop the God habit. That is one that I have been working on, the habit of waking up early and spending time with God. Part of this time is just time for stillness. The bible says, Be still and know that I am God. It is a good way to start the day, to reflect, get clarity, focus and guidance before all the noise and distractions set in.

I also found these quotes by Denis Waitley. From his Seed of Greatness Treasury:

–          Seed of discipline: Excellence is a habit

–          Habits are like submarine. They run silent and deep

–          First we make  our habits, then our habits make us

–          Habits are like comfortable beds. They are easy to get into, but difficult to get out of.

–          Winning and losing are BOTH learned habits. 

I  like the one about habits being comfortable beds. Not so sure about easy to get into, but difficult to get out of, is a good thing IF I can develop the winning habits I need. Definitely need to sow some seeds of DISCIPLINE here.

Please share below how you go about laying down the habits of your success.