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So You want To Lose Weight…. Be Consistent

Talk about being consistent, I am already off my plan to update this blog at least weekly. A lot of this has been about what to write and I have made many drafts in my head but did not write them down and they pass. Procrastination my great weakness and I do believe I am not alone. I met a lady on the street recently, who influenced my topic this time. She just sigh at the thought of losing weight and said I can’t take it on. I got the impression she had tried and stopped midway and couldn’t bear the thought of starting again only to stop midway..

There is no denying that it will take time to lose weight. At the rate of one to two pounds a week you have to be patient. Just remember it did not go on quickly but gradually over time, until the pants couldn’t zip or the blouse couldn’t button. It will leave in the reverse. So we come back to WHY you want to do it. The WHY is what keeps you going, and drinking the shakes, exercising, keeping the food log and making other lifestyle changes as needed. I tell you, that food log is a powerful tool. You really think twice about eating something when you realize you have to write it down, not mention that you didn’t realize how much you were eating.

Being consistent is key to achieve any goal. It is the same consistency that is needed to work from home and do your own business or whatever resolutions, goals or tasks we set for ourselves. It boils down to what is the daily routine. If we can setup a daily mode of operation or daily routine that we get up every day and enjoy doing then I think we got it made. If in that daily routine we have at the top of the list and as the main tasks, the things that line up with our major goals then we are well on our way.

Jim Rohn the late great philosopher and my mentor said, “Never begin the day until it is finished on paper”.  The best time to write is at the end of the day. This is the time to give thanks for what you have achieved and plan for the next day.

In that plan for the day it is good to set time for meditation and prayer and personal development. As a Christian, I ask God for help to see the plans through.

Let me tell you as a great procrastinator, I am learning to ACT NOW. Nothing gets done in the future. After many years of putting things off, I have learnt that. Set the goal, set the date and ACT NOW. It may be a small act, but act. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

I am working at that daily routine, to make sure the actions that link to my big goals are included and that I act.

What are the actions that you need to make now, to lose that one to two pounds per week?. Select the ones you will do daily, however small. The key is to act now and be consistent.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Drop down below and leave a comment. If you find it valuable please share with a friend.


So you want to lose weight -where?

Sometimes I meet people who say they want to lose weight and I have to ask where? Then they say off my tummy or belly. I look a little closer and I do see a little rise. No kidding. But I can identify with that. My mother was not a fat lady but after many children she had a protruding tummy and I did not like to see it. I think looking back she did not like to see it either because she would not go out in public, always stayed home. All I know is I did not want my belly to protrude and it is a fetish with me, and guess, what after two children I have that challenge. That’s my real WHY.

The real issue with fat in the belly region though, is one of health and not just looks. Waist measurement around the navel of more than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men doubles our risk for lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and stroke. So says the World Health Organisation

Its also a fact that person of African descent have a tendency to put on weight in the upper area of the body which make it more likely for us to have these diseases.
So it’s not too early to be concerned after all. Prevention is better than cure. If we catch that little rise in time it could save our health over time.

But guess what?.. one of the things I have learnt along the way especially after finding some products that have since became my business,… PROTEIN is a key factor.

We all need to eat a certain amount of protein with our meals so as to not get hungry too quickly. If you do get hungry you need the right snack and it must have protein in it and that not easy to find.

I struggled with this tummy issue until I learned about my Personal Protein Requirement and how to choose healthy snacks… and I love to snack. . I lost two inches from my waist after applying this knowledge.
I will write more about this protein issue in a future post.

I will continue to share with you. Please leave your comment or question below. If you wish to be alerted to future posts please leave your email address.

How about a FREE Wellness Evaluation which gives you your ideal weight, your daily protein requirements and help you set wellness goal?

So you want to Lose Weight – Why?

So, seriously why do you want to lose weight?.. Is it because they say you should?… Its cool to be slim?… You have to fit into that dress! Think about the reason and write it down. Now think about it again. Is that the real reason? Are there deeper health reasons you don’t even want to admit to yourself?

Losing weight and keeping it off is not a quick fix thing. If you approach it that way you soon get frustrated and give up because the pounds go slowly and before you know it, they are back.

When you think about it, this like taking on any big project, .. starting a business,… starting or training for a new career, …training for the marathon. It takes commitment, consistency and a never quit attitude. You get up everyday and you do what needs to be done

What keeps you going is that WHY.  You need that why to keep you moving towards that goal when the going gets tough.  The WHY has to be really strong. Then yes, you set the goals and make a plan and work to  towards it consistently.

For me I absolutely loved the way I looked and felt when I was twenty nine ( way pass that now ) 🙂 Perfect size 8. I could cut and sew from dress patterns and put it on,.. perfect fit. In later life  as size 14 approaches, this image is there and it keeps me on track.

Now one of the things that make this weightloss project so difficult is that it calls for us to  sometimes make drastic changes, to give up what we love and  w hat gives us comfort… food wise. To really succeed at this, we need to  take the long view and make changes for a lifetime -LIFESTYLE changes. WOW. When I started my project of losing and keeping off weight some  twenty years ago the only thing I could think of giving up was half the sugar in my tea ( I drank at lot of tea) and I added walking in the morning for half an hour. I still have a challenge being consistent with the walking but I don’t miss the sugar and I have added more changes over the years, not just for losing weight now, but for overall health. Be gentle with your self set manangable goals and start.

This is not a sprint,  its a marathon.

I will continue to share my story and some of the knowledge I have gained over the years from helping others with this challenge. Its fun when you have company on this journey. Come join me on this blog and leave a comment below and your email address to get future post.

Peace and love

From Miriam’s place


Still on Cleansing

Keeping my intestinal tract healthy has been a battle for me over the years from childhood. so to be at the point where I have two healthy bowel movements in a day as I did yesterday is cause for celebration!! Herbal Aloe Drink, Flora Fiber and now flax seed meal are doing the trick. I recently read that a healthy intestinal track is the start to good health and based on how good I feel, my energy and the great result from my last doctors visit and blood profile I have to agree. I am going to continue to pay attention to this area.

Cleansing– necessary for the inside too

I have been doing regular internal cleansing for the past six years and gotten rid of consitpation and become more regular. I have not had a sore throat in as many years and in the past I had frequent bouts. Post nasal drip, headaches, bloating and upset stomach, are also things of the past.

I have made lifestyle changes to have more whole foods, fruits and vegetables to increase my fibre intake and drink more water. I tell you drinking water for me is a challenge as I don’t feel thirst.

On the four solstices every year i do a cleanse with herbs, probiotics  and antioxidants

I have been using a great product, Herbalife 21-Day Cleansing Programme. It consist of two sets of herbal tablets. One set of tablet is taken at night. This is a blend of 21 herbs, probiotics, and botanically derived enzymes. The other set is taken in the morning to replenish the body.

The fact is that our environment is awash with toxic chemicals that can enter our body through the air we breathe and the food and water we consume. During the process of life isself our body produces toxic metabolic bi-products that must be eliminated to maintain health and viatlity.

The well nourished and healthy

body normally eliminates these toxic wastes through the lungs, skin, kidneys and digestive system. Unfortunately over time as a result of stress and poor nutritional habits, including inadequate fibre intake, insufficient hydration and too much

processed foods, the elimination process may be slowed and toxin accumlation occurs.

My Healthy Breakfast Programme

I am finding from my interactions that most people do not have breakfast or that they don’t eat until very late in the morning. Doctors and wellness practitioners around the world are recognizing a direct connection between having no breakfast or an unhealthy breakfast and our health, our vitality, our appearance and our susceptibility to diseases.


I have the story of Eugenie, ( right) who had heart disease and  needed to replace  a   heart valve, which has since been done. Before  the surgery she was very frail and weak and could do even do house  work. Her partner had to leave for work sometime before cooking a  meal for her and  when that happened she was unable to do it for her  self. I convince her to come to the club for breakfast in the mornings  as a way of ensuring that she started the day right.

The result were miraculous. She was able to do so mush more even  before the surgery. Her doctor told her what ever she was doing she  should continue to do.

So, starting this September I am promoting healthy breakfast. To  facilitate this, I am opening my


Nutrition Club at 7.oo am  Mondays to Fridays. This is a big sacrifice for me to make as I usually cook and eat my main meal in the morning and have Shake for lunch. I will be switch this around.  My husband will continue to have his main meal in the morning, which is very convenient for his schedule and have his shake at night.

For those who cant come to the  club, I am happy to show you how to get a 30-day  programme of the breakfast system we serve in the club.   Just send me an email

It’s Summer Guys Remember Water!!

If you are like me, despite the heat, you don’t feel thirsty. the only sign, if you are paying attention is constipation or not going everyday as before.For me there are other discomforts as well which I find just drinking water will cure. The experts say drink 6 to 8 glasses per day. Whatever you did before drink more in the summer.
I am going to have a glass right now not because I am thirsty but because its time to drink one especially as I am just coming out of the sun Do you have a challenge drinking water? Please share below your ideas for keeping hydrated through out the day.