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It’s Really not your Fault, but take Responsibility.


Two studies have come out since the beginning of the year to update us on the health of the World.

The first one says that obesity is growing among our adults and children at an alarming rate. There are more overweight than underweight people in the world.

The other study says 1 in 11 adults worldwide are diabetic. This level of affected people has the potential to bankrupt the healthcare system of many countries.

The call is for governments to do something about the situation, and I agree they should. However, it is our health that will be affected, it is our families and households that will be affected and we can do something now. The food industry will fight all attempts to make it change even harder than the cigarette industry did when governments tried to change it.

We can do something now  to change our lifestyle and save our health.  We have to begin to evaluate every food we eat and feed our families.


  • Does this food offer me any nutrients for all the sugar, salt or fat that it carries?
  • Could I get these nutrients without all that sugar, salt and fat?
  • Am I eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis
  • Are all my proteins coming to me loaded with saturated fats?
  • Am I eating any peas, beans and nuts?
  • Am I getting any Healthy fats in my diet like the Omega3 fats?


As I guide I have been watching protein intake and sources on a daily basis. We begin to lose muscle mass as we age and it is quite easy for you not to have your daily requirement met.  When this happens we begin to crave for thing to eat. There is an abundance of processed food quick and easy nice tasty and cheap and loaded with carbohydrates, sugar and fats and not .much else by way of nutrients, that you could munch all day.

Take action, chose wisely.

  • Go to farmers market
  • Get most of your sugar from nutrient rich fruits
  • Get most of your carbohydrates from vegetables. They are loaded with phytonutrients that your body needs.

Don’t let the food industry tell you that it’s lack of exercise that’s making you fat.

Exercise is necessary and important for good health but it is 20% of the plan. The other 80% is nutrition. What you eat is the key.

I make use of Meal Replacement Shake meals which have the right amount of plant based protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins. I replace at least one meal per day preferably breakfast with this Shake meal. Then I plan all my other meals and snacks to keep me nourished for the day. Truly it’s living day by day. Take all temptation away by having only the right type of food in your grocery, fridge and pantry.

If you are obese it’s not going away overnight. It will take persistent consistent change of your lifestyle.

In another article I will tell you how I made several lifestyle changes bit by bit over time. How are you taking care and managing your weight? Please share below.

The Power of Mindset

I am still riding high from that win of the West Indies Cricket team in India of the 2016 World T20 Championship.
That the men’s team and the women’s team both won makes it all the more sweeter.
As I watched the video of the men’s team celebration in Eden Gardens and continuing on the bus onway to the hotel, it hit me. The power of Mindset and positive visualization.
One of the players and an aspiring DJ, made a song called “Champion” .. Wi a champion “. This song has been the theme song of the team and is done with a specific dance at every opportunity for celebration.
That stunning victory in the last over despite the odds, was inevitable. As self declared champions, they had to find a way to win. Hitting four sixes to win just had to happen.
As I watch, I declared it myself but just couldn’t believe it was happening.
In contrast I am noting that the Bangladesh team had the batsman with the highest score in the tournament and the bowler taking the most wickets in the tournament, yet they lost the match that would have taken them to the semifinals. It was a match which they lost in the final over. You could say they snatched defeat out of victory.
As a new comer, did they not have the belief? Did India the home team who defeat them have the stronger belief?
These are the things that came to me as I though about this Championship and the outcomes.
Having the right Mindset and positive vision of what you want to achieve , no matter what it looks like are absolutely essential to reaching your goals. As they say, see your self there, live the dream before it even happens. Give gratitude for it as if you already have it.
I may not have a song but I am really working at having that mindset and keeping a vision alive with gratitude.
How do you keep your vision and goals alive?

What’s your Dream?


At the start of the year we set  big goals and we are excited at the prospect of a new year and a chance to get it right this time. We make the plans, begin to make the changes and set things in motion to  achieve success. We have great anticipation of achieving our goals this year.

Many times it never gets off the paper or get past January. At the first hiccup in the new year the dream gets side tracked as we get into crisis mode and that can carry on for the rest of the year. What seem to determine if we stay on track and not be derailed is our WHY

How badly do we want it?

Is it a burning desires or just a wish?

Are we at the point of total disgust with where we are? Are we where we say, something has to happen now?


The why has to be big enough to drive us into action every day.

Even better is when you are driven by the picture of the end result and you can see yourself there. In your mind’s eye you can see yourself:

-Looking and feeling good  when you lose the weight

– In the place you hope to visit and feel as if you are there.

– Living in the home you plan to buy.

A strong why can keep you persistent and consistent.


In other words its now having the mindset to achieve the goal. So how do we get the mindset.

I would say BELIIEVE that you can do it. When you can give thanks for it before you see it, that’s belief. At that point nothing can stop you.You can stay on track and overcome all obstacles.

What’s your dream?

Do you really believe it’s possible?

Then you can be on your way.

Don’t wait for 2016 to get  started again, if you got side tracked. Start now and hit the new year running.

Road to Success….. Still on it !

I wandered off a little last week and failed to do my bloging as planned. It was for a good reason,  but as my friend and mentor always remind me “all excuses are equal, as they all keep you from doing what it is you should be doing.” So to keep my commitment to myself this week, I acted immediately well ahead of time and I chosen a word from my little pan and what do you know, the word is: ”persistence”! No way around it. I did write about persistence in the past as it is the key to any goal ones wishes to achieve.

I share a few things I have learned along the way as I struggle to be persistent and overcome procrastination and self doubt.

1)      It gets easier each time you do it and becomes more natural.

2)      It becomes less of a task and more fun

3)      You get rewarded for taking action emotionally and physically. Let me say thanks to all the new followers and for the likes. In time I look forward to more comments also.

I end with a few quotes from Brian Tracy:

“Resolve in advance to persist until you succeed, no matter what the difficulty”

“Your most valuable asset can be your willingness to persist longer than anyone else”

“Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will succeed”

These are great words of encouragement.  Please share you thought below

Let it Become A Lifestyle

It’s a given, to control or overcome diseases like diabetes or hypertension and to manage your weight and avoid obesity challenges you need to have the right lifestyle.  You have to have a the right diet and exercise regularly, at least three times per week for thirty minutes the experts now say.  You must remember to drink water, yes water, that simple, six to eight glasses per day. Add some key nutritional supplements and you are well on your way. I have been working at making these lifestyle changes with very good health results. So I am thinking I should be able to make some change in other areas of my life by applying some of the principles I used to make those changes in health. With that in mind, I have been reviewing the steps I took.  So how did I do it?

a) Clear definitive and measurable goals, e. g. a target blood pressure reading, a target weight.

b) A clear plan of how I would make the change, a daily method of operation. e .g. a glass of water first thing in the morning.

c)  Make small manageable changes and add on new things as I became accustomed to those changes. That way I was never overwhelmed and could celebrate the small successes along the way.

d) Use positive affirmations of the health goals in spite of how I felt and said prayers of thanks giving for the results I expected to have even before I had them.

d)  Hold a positive vision of how I would feel when my health improved.

e) Have a time to review what you have done celebrate the successes and fix what needed  fixing.

f) Forgive myself if I have fallen off and start again. Giving up was never an option.

So this then is my road map for achieving other lifestyle changes. All that’s left, is to put it into action.  Yes, I can do this again in other areas of my life.

Please leave a comment on how you have made lifestyle changes. 

The Road to Personal Success – Doing the Uncomfortable

There are some goals that elude us every time and become like a recurring decimal on our goals list every year. They are the ones that require us to do the uncomfortable. So we keep putting off the actions we need to take to achieve success, yes we procrastinate. They say procrastination is the thief of time and so it is, because before you know it, 2012 is gone and you haven’t made the first move.

So why don’t we do the uncomfortable?   One word, FEAR.  Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of I don’t know what. So we delay, make excuses, and wait for a more perfect situation.  We do the comfortable and easy tasks first and leave the uncomfortable ones for later or tomorrow, which never comes. We procrastinate.

So this year I have a burning desire to achieve certain goals and I am focused in on doing those uncomfortable tasks that stand in my way.

I have been working on overcoming this procrastination and here is my list.

  1. ACT NOW in spite of the fear. In other words, just do it. The more you do the action the less fearful you are.
  2. Remind yourself often, especially before you take action, of WHY you want to achieve this goal. This will give you the energy and the sense of urgency to do it. Especially, focus on the end result.
  3. Nibble away at it. Break really difficult tasks into smaller ones. This makes it look easy and as you work away at it consistently, before you know it, you are done. This has worked well for me e.g. in writing reports and other documents.
  4. Plan overnight for the day ahead. This really helps you to deliberately put the difficult tasks that are aligned to your goals, right up front.
  5.  Remember you can only act in the PRESENT. NOW. Nothing gets do in the future.

Please share some of the ways you have used to overcome this habit of procrastination in the comments below.

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Peace and Love,


Diabetes The Obesity Link

November is Diabetes Month and there is two things I would like to say about diabetes;

Onset diabetes or type 2 diabetes is 1) preventable and 2) curable.

The key is: Nutrition and Lifestyle. There are several people I know who have brought their diabetes under control without medication by addressing these two isues..I meet many people who are trying to starve themselves out of diabetes but instead you should eat yourself out of it with the right foods and diet and add exercise.

The big issue to address OBESITY. Trunchal obesity or upper body fat.- Waist measurement above 35inches for women and 40 inches for men.Losing weight or upper body fat may seem impossible but the key is to have a big WHY and PERSISTENCE. You need a good reason to keep you with the process as you lose one to two pounds per week until the jobs done and then to maintain it.

It use to be that diabetes became an issue after age forty (40). Now with the obesity epidemic., young people and more working people are having this disease. I met a thirthy year woman with diabetes, she had a young baby, always too tired to work and losing her sight. I introduced her to our nutrtion programme and with changes in lifestye she lost six inches from her waist got diabetes under control without medication, regained her sight and joined the work force.

The Health Department now says your health is your responsibility, I say your health is Your First Investment in your future.

How are you taking responsibility for your health, Leave a comment below.