Road to Success …… Is it Burning?

Burning desire- this is a key ingredient for success. Last week end  track athletes Usian  Bolt and Shelly Ann Frasier-Price were crowned IAAF  Male and Female Athlete of the Year 2013, respectively. A   newspaper article of an interview with Shelly Ann caught my  attention where she said FEAR was her driving force to succeed. She said her desire to not return to her neighborhood of poverty, crime and violence was what drove her to succeed.

I would not call it fear, but burning desire to succeed. Burning desire it is what gets you up every morning and regardless of how you feel,  and you go and do what is required of you that day in order to reach that goal that you have set.  Napolean Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich says” Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to burn his ships and cut all sources of retreat. Only by doing so can one be sure to maintain that state of mind known as BURNING DESIRE TO WIN, essential to succeed”

In Shelly Ann’s case with her God given talent and the thought of no return, no retreat to poverty and life in the inner city, it was enough to create burning desire.  This then would resulted in her setting some definite goals, planning specific ways of achieving it and working with persistence which did not  recognize failure.

Now we set goals and make specific plan to achieve them but many times we fall short within the first 90 days. The missing piece must be the burning desire. If it is just a wish or a nice thing to try we won’t get far. We have to really want it and can think of nothing but the end goal and what it will mean to us to achieve it. Failure is out of the picture and there is no going back.    

My mentor Jim Rohn puts it another way when he says to succeed we need either a strong desire to change or total disgust with where we are, doesn’t matter which.   

Do you have burning desire? I am certainly working on it.


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