Road to Success….. Still on it !

I wandered off a little last week and failed to do my bloging as planned. It was for a good reason,  but as my friend and mentor always remind me “all excuses are equal, as they all keep you from doing what it is you should be doing.” So to keep my commitment to myself this week, I acted immediately well ahead of time and I chosen a word from my little pan and what do you know, the word is: ”persistence”! No way around it. I did write about persistence in the past as it is the key to any goal ones wishes to achieve.

I share a few things I have learned along the way as I struggle to be persistent and overcome procrastination and self doubt.

1)      It gets easier each time you do it and becomes more natural.

2)      It becomes less of a task and more fun

3)      You get rewarded for taking action emotionally and physically. Let me say thanks to all the new followers and for the likes. In time I look forward to more comments also.

I end with a few quotes from Brian Tracy:

“Resolve in advance to persist until you succeed, no matter what the difficulty”

“Your most valuable asset can be your willingness to persist longer than anyone else”

“Never consider the possibility of failure; as long as you persist, you will succeed”

These are great words of encouragement.  Please share you thought below


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