Keep going, you are on the right Track…. Discipline will do it

So far, so good, still on track with my weekly blogging. Sitting in front of the computer, not sure of what to write as I have just erased everything but the topic of one the articles from my mini blog marathon, which I did to keep me on track so I would not run out of ideas. Looking around I see the white container in which I had placed pieces of paper with words such as love, forgiveness, patience, change, persistence, wisdom, surrender, prayer, trust. My nutrition club members were encouraged to take one of these bits of paper each day and read a passage on the subject. So today I take out one of these folded paper and it says: DICIPLINE. So I have added it to the title.
Looking up a passage on this subject from the book Faith in the Valley by Iyanla Vanzant She says spirit is self correcting. It will make the best of what you do more of. If you do things that cause you pain, eat drink too much or spent wildly without a budget, eventually you will become miserable enough to do something about it. On the other side you pray more, you get better at it and the faster your answers will come. You meditate more you become calmer and still your mind. She ended by saying “ The self –correcting spirit in you will make the best of what you do more of- more destruction, greater pain: more construction greater peace, pleasure and plenty”
So I am sticking to the blogging plan. In the container there are many more word to chose from and blog about. I could not have chosen a better one for today. With discipline it will only get better and easier.

I would love to get your comments on how you stay on track with your blog or whatever you do. Please leave a comment below.


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