Getting Uncomfortable……again

It sure is uncomfortable sitting here and thinking what will I write on to keep my commitment to write a blog post every week. I have already missed a week and need to get back on track.
A good place to start would be to tell you I am committing to 25 intentional days. My daughter brought me this e-book and it was just what I needed to get me going again. So day 1 had me dusting off and updating my dream board which I had not looked at in months. The beautiful thing about that was that there were things that I had achieved and could take out and add some new ones.
The work on the dream board was exciting so I quickly moved to day 2 and worked on updating my goals based on the dreams. They are not new goals for the most part but this exercise has gotten me refocused. It has gotten me back to doing the uncomfortable.
This is the last 90 days to the end of the year, it is definitely a good time to stop, celebrate the successes and do some fixing to get back on track. So I will be using some days to recharge and reset my compass to arrive at year end with even more to celebrate.
How are you doing for your last 90 days?


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