Let it Become A Lifestyle

It’s a given, to control or overcome diseases like diabetes or hypertension and to manage your weight and avoid obesity challenges you need to have the right lifestyle.  You have to have a the right diet and exercise regularly, at least three times per week for thirty minutes the experts now say.  You must remember to drink water, yes water, that simple, six to eight glasses per day. Add some key nutritional supplements and you are well on your way. I have been working at making these lifestyle changes with very good health results. So I am thinking I should be able to make some change in other areas of my life by applying some of the principles I used to make those changes in health. With that in mind, I have been reviewing the steps I took.  So how did I do it?

a) Clear definitive and measurable goals, e. g. a target blood pressure reading, a target weight.

b) A clear plan of how I would make the change, a daily method of operation. e .g. a glass of water first thing in the morning.

c)  Make small manageable changes and add on new things as I became accustomed to those changes. That way I was never overwhelmed and could celebrate the small successes along the way.

d) Use positive affirmations of the health goals in spite of how I felt and said prayers of thanks giving for the results I expected to have even before I had them.

d)  Hold a positive vision of how I would feel when my health improved.

e) Have a time to review what you have done celebrate the successes and fix what needed  fixing.

f) Forgive myself if I have fallen off and start again. Giving up was never an option.

So this then is my road map for achieving other lifestyle changes. All that’s left, is to put it into action.  Yes, I can do this again in other areas of my life.

Please leave a comment on how you have made lifestyle changes. 


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