Road to Personal Success – If it’s Broke, Fix it.

We are one month into the 2012 with our goals and working our plan. Maybe like me you are praying for guidance for with your daily activities. So what’s next when something just unravels and you realize it’s not working the way you expected. That happened for me last Friday and in the past I would have just become depressed and forgot about it. This time however I thought, what am I to learn from this? Is there a better way that I am to try? Is this setback just to point me in another direction and if so, what is that better way?  Before the end of the morning I had an answer and I started to put in action that very morning. The results of this change were almost immediate and a week later I have had success to confirm that I made the right decision.

As I write this I remember these words from Wallace. D. Wattles- The answer to prayer is NOT according to your faith while you are talking but according to your faith while you are working.So if you are praying for guidance, be aware that your well thought out plan may fall apart and be open to being shown a better way. The HOW is not up to us. We have a plan to get us started but it should not be fixed and frozen. We should fix it and celebrate as we go along. Just don’t try to fix everything at once.

So get started on the not so perfect plan and fix it as new insights come along. Remember to celebrate the successes.
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Peace and Love



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