The Road to Personal Success – Doing the Uncomfortable

There are some goals that elude us every time and become like a recurring decimal on our goals list every year. They are the ones that require us to do the uncomfortable. So we keep putting off the actions we need to take to achieve success, yes we procrastinate. They say procrastination is the thief of time and so it is, because before you know it, 2012 is gone and you haven’t made the first move.

So why don’t we do the uncomfortable?   One word, FEAR.  Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of I don’t know what. So we delay, make excuses, and wait for a more perfect situation.  We do the comfortable and easy tasks first and leave the uncomfortable ones for later or tomorrow, which never comes. We procrastinate.

So this year I have a burning desire to achieve certain goals and I am focused in on doing those uncomfortable tasks that stand in my way.

I have been working on overcoming this procrastination and here is my list.

  1. ACT NOW in spite of the fear. In other words, just do it. The more you do the action the less fearful you are.
  2. Remind yourself often, especially before you take action, of WHY you want to achieve this goal. This will give you the energy and the sense of urgency to do it. Especially, focus on the end result.
  3. Nibble away at it. Break really difficult tasks into smaller ones. This makes it look easy and as you work away at it consistently, before you know it, you are done. This has worked well for me e.g. in writing reports and other documents.
  4. Plan overnight for the day ahead. This really helps you to deliberately put the difficult tasks that are aligned to your goals, right up front.
  5.  Remember you can only act in the PRESENT. NOW. Nothing gets do in the future.

Please share some of the ways you have used to overcome this habit of procrastination in the comments below.

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Peace and Love,



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2 responses to “The Road to Personal Success – Doing the Uncomfortable”

  1. Lanre says :

    Sometimes on the road to achieving our goals, procrastination is inevitable. It is then up to us to be ruled by it or to be in control and overcome it.
    Procrastination used to be a very good friend until I made it my foe. One way I overcame it was to look at the end results of achieving my goals. When I see what lies in store for me, I push procrastination and move on. It still brings its ugly head and sometimes I let it have its way (…lol), but the good thing is once you’re in control, achieving your goals gets easier. Nice post.

    • Kathleen Goldson Clarke says :

      Yes Larne,
      Was my very good friend too. I took some time to really get to know what she was about in order to deal with her properly. Seeing the end result really keeps one focused. I keep a vision board to help with this. Thanks for your comment

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