You have the Goals and the Plans – Examine these 5 keys to your success.

This week between Christmas and the New Year, some of us are looking back as we prepare to go forward to 2012. Well how did we do in 2011 with those goals? This is a good time to recall our successes with gratitude.  So what about those goals that we started on but did not finish or did not attempt at all?

The late Jim Rohn has identified some chacteristics, which he says are necessary for success. Top of the list are of course big dreams and well defined plans. He cautions, -we must have big dreams.

Let’s assume we did well on these two areas, the other elements I will put in the form of 5 questions so you can assess how well you are doing in these areas:

1)      How did I deal with setbacks? Did I quit or did I regroup and try again?

2)      How did I deal with disappointments? Did I work pass them or did I give up?

3)      How did I deal with challenges? Did I attack them and work through them?

4)      Did I put in the time? Did you have a clear appreciation of the time and stuck to it?

5)      Did I push myself to do the uncomfortable until it became comfortable?

How well we are doing on these 5 will be key our success. Identifying  the ones that are holding us back and commit to do the personal development to get the skills to move pass them  and on to our success. I personally have a few to work on, the biggest one being;  “ pushing myself to do the uncomfortable”. I have the books to read and the plan to take on the uncomfortable, which include building an online business and utilizing social media, common place to some but uncomfortable for me.

I would be happy for those of you who have any of these challenges, or who have worked to overcome them, to share with us. Please tell us how you dealt with these 5 areas. please drop down below and give us your comment.

Best wishes for the New Year!!

Peace and Love



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2 responses to “You have the Goals and the Plans – Examine these 5 keys to your success.”

  1. Lanre says :

    Wow! My new year blog post is so related to yours. If I were to grade myself, I wouldn’t get an A. Yes, I had lots of challenges and stopped halfway in achieving some of my goals, but looking back at the whole year, I’ll say it was really productive. Sometimes, it’s the end that matters. Really inspiring post and I wish you success on achieving your goals.

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