Diabetes The Obesity Link

November is Diabetes Month and there is two things I would like to say about diabetes;

Onset diabetes or type 2 diabetes is 1) preventable and 2) curable.

The key is: Nutrition and Lifestyle. There are several people I know who have brought their diabetes under control without medication by addressing these two isues..I meet many people who are trying to starve themselves out of diabetes but instead you should eat yourself out of it with the right foods and diet and add exercise.

The big issue to address OBESITY. Trunchal obesity or upper body fat.- Waist measurement above 35inches for women and 40 inches for men.Losing weight or upper body fat may seem impossible but the key is to have a big WHY and PERSISTENCE. You need a good reason to keep you with the process as you lose one to two pounds per week until the jobs done and then to maintain it.

It use to be that diabetes became an issue after age forty (40). Now with the obesity epidemic., young people and more working people are having this disease. I met a thirthy year woman with diabetes, she had a young baby, always too tired to work and losing her sight. I introduced her to our nutrtion programme and with changes in lifestye she lost six inches from her waist got diabetes under control without medication, regained her sight and joined the work force.

The Health Department now says your health is your responsibility, I say your health is Your First Investment in your future.

How are you taking responsibility for your health, Leave a comment below.


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