First Investment

When starting a business, we know that having a business plan is vital. One element of the plan is the status of owner(s) of the business in terms of the skills they bring to the business and their state of health. This health question is very important to the banks in particular when you wish to borrow money for startup or expansion of your business. The state of your health is a big consideration for banks, insurance companies and other investment agencies in assessing their risk ,because afterall they are ivesting in you as a small business owner.Now, when I started my own business awhile back I use my own savings, I had no health challenges and the plan was just to guide me in the business. The matter of health as an issue only came home to me when a few years when stress and life changes began to have an effect on my health and began to limit how far I could proceede with my plans.

It came to the point where my own health was the the main item on the agenda, I had to invest in my health. I began in earnest to look at nutrition and lifestyle for better health generally and heart health in particular.

In this process I discovered through a friend a leading nutrition company that marketed its products through network marketing, a new concept to me at the time. This is where the thought of investing in my health first occured to me. I use a credit card to sign up to this company and got nutrition products to try at first and then at very atttractive discount levels. This turned out to be a very good investment in other ways,as by simply sharing my good results with friends I was able to raise enough money to cover the cost of the products I was using and to be able to try even more of the product and so it went on because the more products I tried the better my health became and the more I shared. It was a network marketing company, I watched a video on the marketing plan and thought why not try to earn US500 a month and I did.

So, now out of this investment I have emerged with better health and with a new business.

I encourage all self employed, entrepreneurs and work at home persons to invest in their health, first. Right up front, have a plan for your health. Even better if this plan pay extra dividend or becomes your business, even part time.

In future posts I will be starting a series on ” How to change your lifestyle for better health- my Journey.” Come join me.

I would love to hear from you I how you are investing in your health while you build your business. Please drop down below and leave a comment.


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3 responses to “First Investment”

  1. Lanre says :

    Staying healthy for both our business and family is really important. Both need their own share of time but taking time off for ourselves would do us a lot of good. No one else would take care of them like we will so staying alive is ideal. Nice post.

    • Kathleen says :

      Thanks for your comment Lanre,
      As they say on the plane,we have to fasten our seat belt first then tend to the child. We similarly have to take care of ourselves, then we can take care of business and family adequately.

  2. Alexis says :

    Great post. I too learned the importance of investing in your health when starting a business and preparing for your dream life. It’s important to do so, not just for insurance companies or banks, but so that you can fully enjoy the fruits of your labor instead of being held back by poor health. That’s awesome that you were able to build a business from the investment into your health. Great story and info.

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