I did some really major clearing out of stuff I had stowed away but didn’t have the nerve to touch before now. After seven years, my perfect number, if you havent used it you don’t need it. That thought is making it easy to toss out stuff and I feel lighter already.
Had this pile of paper though, and rescued a few pieces on the second search before they when into the fire.
There was piece of paper I rescued that was the handout of the lecture outline along wthin my notes from a Prosperity luncheon I attended all these years ago. The speaker was Rev Mary Tumpkin. So many books, videos, CD and personal development later you could say I have found buried treasure. Reading through this piece of paper transports me back into that hotel ballroom, but now with greater understanding of the power of thought.
These are the seeds of prosperity from those notes:

  • Your consciousness is like your land, If stuff grows in your land, its yours. Planting is a conscious act. Every seed produces after is kind. We need to build a fence and certain thoughts are not allowed to enter. Determine the harvest you want in your life before you start planting.
  • Choose – you have a choice, you are not limited but choice brings responsibility.
  • Expectation – You get what you expect. Raise your expectation.
  • ConfidencePut your trust and confidence in God. Love people , trust God. Work with people, depend on God. Respect people, worship God. God first. Work in the invisible and with the intangible.
  • Independence – God is my source, dependence is another name for slavery
  • Giving – Give abundantly
  • Accepting – Receive every eperience and name it GOOD
  • Cooperation – Cooperate with the universe,stop looking for enemies. Work in harmony with your good,focus on your objective. Know who you are. We do not have to compete. My own will come to me.
  • Receiving – Your good has not passed you by. Receiving is based on your consciousness. Expand your consciousness.
  • Plenty – Abundance is always here and never dries up. We get attached to form. Form comes and goes, abundance never goes.
  • Creativity – We are channels for creativity. Be open to new ideas Ideas come from God.
  • Worthiness – I am unique, an unrepeatable miracle of God. I am worthy of happiness. I am God’s perfect will.
  • Use – There are no savings account in the spiritual world. Use it or lose it. Start where you are with what you have.
  • Mind – Concentrate on your conciousness. The messages from the universe are for you not for other people.
  • Believing – According to what you believe it is done unto you.
I am appreciating these notes so much more now. I now know that the thoughts I sow/ plant out in the universe do create my universe, and I am not limited. I have to guard my thoughts and I do that by focusing on God with praise and gratitude. I set my goals and pray daily for Gods guidance and act.
I would love to hear your comments on this piece. Drop me a line below
Peace and Love

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  1. Alexis says :

    Excellent notes. I believe in and practice all of those things. I love how you found it in some old papers and have a fresher and wiser perspective on them now. I love doing that. I have gone through old papers several times and found gems like that. It’s always good to see how much you’ve grown over time and how much more you can appreciate wisdom you’ve been given.

    • Kathleen says :

      Thanks for your comments Alexis. Its just good to realize you have been getting good guidance all along and maybe did not understand it?… but now can fully appreciate it. We just need to trust our process. Thanks and God bless..

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