So You want To Lose Weight…. Be Consistent

Talk about being consistent, I am already off my plan to update this blog at least weekly. A lot of this has been about what to write and I have made many drafts in my head but did not write them down and they pass. Procrastination my great weakness and I do believe I am not alone. I met a lady on the street recently, who influenced my topic this time. She just sigh at the thought of losing weight and said I can’t take it on. I got the impression she had tried and stopped midway and couldn’t bear the thought of starting again only to stop midway..

There is no denying that it will take time to lose weight. At the rate of one to two pounds a week you have to be patient. Just remember it did not go on quickly but gradually over time, until the pants couldn’t zip or the blouse couldn’t button. It will leave in the reverse. So we come back to WHY you want to do it. The WHY is what keeps you going, and drinking the shakes, exercising, keeping the food log and making other lifestyle changes as needed. I tell you, that food log is a powerful tool. You really think twice about eating something when you realize you have to write it down, not mention that you didn’t realize how much you were eating.

Being consistent is key to achieve any goal. It is the same consistency that is needed to work from home and do your own business or whatever resolutions, goals or tasks we set for ourselves. It boils down to what is the daily routine. If we can setup a daily mode of operation or daily routine that we get up every day and enjoy doing then I think we got it made. If in that daily routine we have at the top of the list and as the main tasks, the things that line up with our major goals then we are well on our way.

Jim Rohn the late great philosopher and my mentor said, “Never begin the day until it is finished on paper”.  The best time to write is at the end of the day. This is the time to give thanks for what you have achieved and plan for the next day.

In that plan for the day it is good to set time for meditation and prayer and personal development. As a Christian, I ask God for help to see the plans through.

Let me tell you as a great procrastinator, I am learning to ACT NOW. Nothing gets done in the future. After many years of putting things off, I have learnt that. Set the goal, set the date and ACT NOW. It may be a small act, but act. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

I am working at that daily routine, to make sure the actions that link to my big goals are included and that I act.

What are the actions that you need to make now, to lose that one to two pounds per week?. Select the ones you will do daily, however small. The key is to act now and be consistent.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Drop down below and leave a comment. If you find it valuable please share with a friend.


2 responses to “So You want To Lose Weight…. Be Consistent”

  1. Elizabeth Ann Childs says :

    Thanks for your blog. The media and marketing, has so much information out here about losing weight. Of course, women are their markets, because of the white supremacy codifies as marketable beauty as a commodity. This is not old news; if you just look at the words,” white supremacy.”

    Women have made your beauty, and my beauty, and the beauty of capitalism the order of the day. Women are obsessed with obtaining the air-brushed look by any means necessary. The costs of eating disorders is another blog in itself. Who wants to be healthy? Certainly, maintenance of a good healthy weight is secondary.

    Unfortunately, that only comes when we have cleared every drugstore shelf with the “fast acting, new and improved, never been tested before until now, and the guaranteed 30 days or we’ll return your money,” are all exhausted. We won’t talk about the infomercials’ here either. I don’t think that I can talk that fast, and write down your credit card number at the same time.

    Over a seven month period, I have under the strength of God, I’ve put over thirty pounds into remission. Right now, someone else is borrowing them. Hopefully, it’s someone that really needs some fat on their bones. I don’t! I was not trying to lose weight, but in the process of eating healtheir this happened. I did consult with a weight management doctor. They of course, specialize in this field.

    She actually taught me how to eat in ways that are conducive to my lifestyle, and feeling healthier. I had reached a point that going up the steps was enough for me to think about an elevator, or one of those chairs that automatically go up and down stairs. I wasn’t even 200 lbs, but knew that if I didn’t get some kind of direction, which was much different for those on the back of bottles, or cans, and card boxes. I was in for some real serious health problems. Our genetics are watching all of this in High Definition.

    One of the first decisions I made, was that it was okay to divorce myself from the home-made macaroni and cheese, candid yams, fried chicken and such. I’m not trying to set off a trigger here. The point is, in order to change, we must give thanks to the foods of previous generations, which were necessary for the times. We know grits and gravy helped our ancestors carry a bale cotton much better than a can of Strawberry flavored high protein drink, but the times have changed, and we must change: “By any means necessary,” in reason.

    So, I would suggest that once we divorce ourselves from the gut of the capitalist machine, we can begin to look at what works best for us, who are serious about living longer, and feeling great, but more importantly, for us to feel confident in our day by day successes. We must begin to take ourselves seriously, and learn to love ourselves. Prayerfully, those of us who are clueless about this, will seek God, and surround ourselves with women who have learned how to do this, and can walk with us.

    For me, I fell in love with water. I have to admit that those eight glasses of water that I was supposed to be drinking, has quenched the thirst of some ocean. I hated water; yet I felt guilty. I knew about the water/weight connection. If you ask anyone that have lost weight, will talk about the water connection. Hold on. I’m feeling thirsty. Goodness that bottle did the job. You see, once we start drinking enough water, our bodies demand more water; especially, to hydrate our cells, which keeps our machines running. Once a habit of drinking water sets in, a signal in the mind says, “You can ignore me if you want, there will be no peace.” What a good feeling to crave water instead of doughnuts and cookies. The supplement Chromium helps to level the pikes in sugar.

    Another point of interest, especially for women of color, is the lack of Vit D in our systems. Please don’t listen to Time magazine’s spin on Vit D. Perhaps, one should research this phenomena for yourselves. Oprah magazine covered the Vit D connection and weight loss. I am living it. Women of color; and I’m trying to keep this gender related, because I think that this blog is for us, but the lack of Vit D is for the African-American community at large. We don’t lay out in the sun, in order to get the required amount. In addition, some of the medications we take for diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic illness, suggest that we stay out of the sun.

    So, until we start taking the Vit D, it doesn’t matter how many treadmill hours we track. I’m not saying that the treadmill is useless, but what I’m saying is each step with Vit D, is more productive toward our goals. Perhaps, talking about this with your primary care physician is useful. This way, we become advocates of our own health. As you know, a doctor will tell us to lose weight, because we’re killing ourselves, and then bounce out of the room to the next patient. I’m not saying that doctors don’t care, but nutrition for some, is an exit course from Medical school. For example, I answered thirty, online questions, which qualified me as an expert on the Dewey System. I took the test 32 hours before receiving my degree.

    Last, you make an excellent point about the food journal. I actually charted mine for a whole week. This actually took the panic out of planning my meals, as well as, helped in my grocery shopping. Also, my journal showed me how to rearrange my menus. For example, Grilled Chicken with vegetable on Tuesday, I used the leftovers for Grilled Chicken in a Salad. My daily menus includes three meals and three snacks. I have to admit, every now and then, I had a taste for a slice of real pizza or even a real doughnut. I ate it. I enjoyed it. I did not run my head into a side of a wall. I moved on.

    I hope that people will take what is useful and leave the rest. I wish you much success with your blog


    Elizabeth Ann Childs
    /SKYWRITER A=πr^2

    • Kathleen says :

      Hello Elizabeth,
      Thanks for your comment. Congrats on your success with losing weight. This is truly about making a lifestyle change with our nutrition and our habits. When we do, we don’t have to worry about putting on back the weight, Totally agree with you about the water. I have to make the effort to remember and now that I drink more i feel so much better. The summer is here and that means more water. I will be writing on this topic of water soon there is so much to say.
      Peace and Love

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