So you want to lose weight -where?

Sometimes I meet people who say they want to lose weight and I have to ask where? Then they say off my tummy or belly. I look a little closer and I do see a little rise. No kidding. But I can identify with that. My mother was not a fat lady but after many children she had a protruding tummy and I did not like to see it. I think looking back she did not like to see it either because she would not go out in public, always stayed home. All I know is I did not want my belly to protrude and it is a fetish with me, and guess, what after two children I have that challenge. That’s my real WHY.

The real issue with fat in the belly region though, is one of health and not just looks. Waist measurement around the navel of more than 35 inches for women and 40 inches for men doubles our risk for lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and stroke. So says the World Health Organisation

Its also a fact that person of African descent have a tendency to put on weight in the upper area of the body which make it more likely for us to have these diseases.
So it’s not too early to be concerned after all. Prevention is better than cure. If we catch that little rise in time it could save our health over time.

But guess what?.. one of the things I have learnt along the way especially after finding some products that have since became my business,… PROTEIN is a key factor.

We all need to eat a certain amount of protein with our meals so as to not get hungry too quickly. If you do get hungry you need the right snack and it must have protein in it and that not easy to find.

I struggled with this tummy issue until I learned about my Personal Protein Requirement and how to choose healthy snacks… and I love to snack. . I lost two inches from my waist after applying this knowledge.
I will write more about this protein issue in a future post.

I will continue to share with you. Please leave your comment or question below. If you wish to be alerted to future posts please leave your email address.

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2 responses to “So you want to lose weight -where?”

  1. Billie says :

    I never had to worry about my weight until I turned 40 and or started menopause. I am now 62 and while I do not diet, (I would like to slim down in my waist area) I do exercise and watch what I eat and it seems to be working, while I don’t lose any weight, I’m not gaining. I agree eating protien is key to keeping myself feeling full and healthly for me. keep me posted on this

    • Kathleen says :

      Hi Billie,

      Thanks for your comment. That’s about how it happened for me too. We are about the same age. Attention to having adequate protein especially in snacks was important. Protein shakes with low calorie for lunch was also key. That helped to take the guess work out of it and I have been a size 6 for seven years now and feel great.

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