So you want to Lose Weight – Why?

So, seriously why do you want to lose weight?.. Is it because they say you should?… Its cool to be slim?… You have to fit into that dress! Think about the reason and write it down. Now think about it again. Is that the real reason? Are there deeper health reasons you don’t even want to admit to yourself?

Losing weight and keeping it off is not a quick fix thing. If you approach it that way you soon get frustrated and give up because the pounds go slowly and before you know it, they are back.

When you think about it, this like taking on any big project, .. starting a business,… starting or training for a new career, …training for the marathon. It takes commitment, consistency and a never quit attitude. You get up everyday and you do what needs to be done

What keeps you going is that WHY.  You need that why to keep you moving towards that goal when the going gets tough.  The WHY has to be really strong. Then yes, you set the goals and make a plan and work to  towards it consistently.

For me I absolutely loved the way I looked and felt when I was twenty nine ( way pass that now ) 🙂 Perfect size 8. I could cut and sew from dress patterns and put it on,.. perfect fit. In later life  as size 14 approaches, this image is there and it keeps me on track.

Now one of the things that make this weightloss project so difficult is that it calls for us to  sometimes make drastic changes, to give up what we love and  w hat gives us comfort… food wise. To really succeed at this, we need to  take the long view and make changes for a lifetime -LIFESTYLE changes. WOW. When I started my project of losing and keeping off weight some  twenty years ago the only thing I could think of giving up was half the sugar in my tea ( I drank at lot of tea) and I added walking in the morning for half an hour. I still have a challenge being consistent with the walking but I don’t miss the sugar and I have added more changes over the years, not just for losing weight now, but for overall health. Be gentle with your self set manangable goals and start.

This is not a sprint,  its a marathon.

I will continue to share my story and some of the knowledge I have gained over the years from helping others with this challenge. Its fun when you have company on this journey. Come join me on this blog and leave a comment below and your email address to get future post.

Peace and love

From Miriam’s place



6 responses to “So you want to Lose Weight – Why?”

  1. Felicia says :

    I lost 80lbs and loving it

    • Kathleen says :

      Hello Felicia,
      I know you had a compelling WHY and it certainly kept you consistent. It did not happen overnight, but daily sticking to the programme and you did.Enjoy the new you.
      Peace and Love Kathleen

  2. Lucy says :

    It’s nice to hear these stories, but they do not fit into my life experience. I probably was a size 8 at age 12. I am a 16-18 and would love to get to 14.
    I am a emotional eater. I eat when i am happy and I eat when I am sad. My battle is pretty much like Oprah. I know how to eat and everything about exercise. I am just not consistent.

    • Kathleen says :

      Hi Lucy,
      Nice hearing from you. You know, its not about getting to size 8. Its getting to whatever size works for you, the process is the same. I find I am having a love affair with food myself and the challenge is WHAT to eat, that still makes you feel good and not put on the pounds. Its about lifestyle change and for that, you have to have a strong WHY in order to be consistent. I hope you keep following my blog.
      Peace and Love

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