My Healthy Breakfast Programme

I am finding from my interactions that most people do not have breakfast or that they don’t eat until very late in the morning. Doctors and wellness practitioners around the world are recognizing a direct connection between having no breakfast or an unhealthy breakfast and our health, our vitality, our appearance and our susceptibility to diseases.


I have the story of Eugenie, ( right) who had heart disease and  needed to replace  a   heart valve, which has since been done. Before  the surgery she was very frail and weak and could do even do house  work. Her partner had to leave for work sometime before cooking a  meal for her and  when that happened she was unable to do it for her  self. I convince her to come to the club for breakfast in the mornings  as a way of ensuring that she started the day right.

The result were miraculous. She was able to do so mush more even  before the surgery. Her doctor told her what ever she was doing she  should continue to do.

So, starting this September I am promoting healthy breakfast. To  facilitate this, I am opening my


Nutrition Club at 7.oo am  Mondays to Fridays. This is a big sacrifice for me to make as I usually cook and eat my main meal in the morning and have Shake for lunch. I will be switch this around.  My husband will continue to have his main meal in the morning, which is very convenient for his schedule and have his shake at night.

For those who cant come to the  club, I am happy to show you how to get a 30-day  programme of the breakfast system we serve in the club.   Just send me an email


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