My Nutrition Club

100_1826.jpgWelcome to my Nutrition Club where friends of good nutrition meet every day. My club is open Mondays to fridays from 8 o’clock to 11.00am.  We serve healthy breakfast consisting of an energizing herbal concentrate tea which contains green tea as the main ingredient along with some other herbs. Then you can have a delicious protein shake meal. This is great for lunch or breakfast,

Members join the club and come by daily for their shake and tea. They feel energized and healthier and they invite their friends to come along, At the club we have videos, books and magazines on health and nutrition so we read and discuss health issues and share stories of how things have changed for us since joining the club.

We have a weight loss challenge and member have been having fun, losing weight and winning money!!.

You can start you own club as a home based business. Send me an email to find out how. Any one interested in an online Weight Loss Challenge?.. please contact me.

Peace and Love



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4 responses to “My Nutrition Club”

  1. Veronica says :

    Congratulations, Kathy. Great idea. Much success in your business!!

  2. linnette says :

    Kathy…congrats on your Club. I really have to drop in again for lunch one day soon…Blessings.

  3. clayton says :

    congrats on your journey will pay off in the future

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